Asgard Slots

Asgard is, in Nordic Legend, the mountain home of the gods and goddesses. You've likely heard of them - Odin, Thor, Loki and a host of lesser well known characters. Many of their themes have made it into modern day elements, which is why software giant Real Time Gaming has seen fit to concoct a slot in their honor. Lightning flashes in the background of this 5 reel Video Slot, where the 243 different ways to win are surely the most enticing reason to play at a real money casino. Furthermore, Asgard Slots is an All Ways Pay type, which means that the winning symbols can appear on the reels in any direction to help you get a win.

Don't sleep on the in-game animations, for they are fantastic. It's almost like a movie-theme; the gods are true to life and brilliantly drawn in this high quality Video Slot. Odin stands strong and firm, aged but still enormously powerful, with the golden haired Thor by his side, the lovely goddess Freya on the other side, and the dark god Loki scheming in the background. All of these characters and more serve as the symbols on the game reels, where certain combinations can lead to you receiving riches untold - not unlike what you would receive in the mythical realm of Valhalla.

The Stacked Wild symbols release torrents of cash to the lucky online casino gamer; in addition to the initial prizes, they also double your betting amount on a win. The games Bonus Feature is tantalizingly within reach; it's called the Goddess Feature, and included in the cornucopia of offers is a 15 Free Spin bonanza. Another feature, Loki's Magic, will give you 20 Free Spins if the chips fall where they may. Thor's Thunder God Feature is nothing to sneeze at, either, lest the stormy god strike you down with his greathammer, Mjolnir. When he's happy you've got 25 Free Spins and multipliers coming your way. Lastly, the Valhalla Feature in this bonus-laden game can give you 30 Free Spins.

Strangely enough, the Allfather god, Odin, is missing a feature. Such is life as ruler; heavy lies the head that wears the crown. He presides over the land, though, and is a high-value symbol on the reels. Although you can play Asgard Slots for free, the real question is, with so much money available and more bonus features than any other slot - why would you want to miss out on the cash at hand? Download now!